Sunday, June 13, 2010

Certification Pen

Another certification project was making a pen with a cap that unscrews.

Imbedding a screw into the pen and the cap was a very interesting technique with lots of possibilities.

As with all my other projects, I didn't focus on design.... just learning the technique. So the focus of my pen was texture.

It really was an easy project, although I thought it would be difficult. (For me the rings were the most difficult, which really floored me as I make rings all the time...... although not without some learning experiences.)

Again this was a project I wasn't sure I was going to like, but I think I do. I'll let you know after I've used the pen for a while (and I am going to use it.) The silver pen is thin and I tend to like thicker barreled pens. I use to have my students make polymer clay pens which I still use to this day. They are much thicker and to me are more comfortable. (Plus they are a lot of fun to make!)

Both the tetrahedron and the pen were teaching techniques that I did not learn in my PMC Connection Certification. (But those classes taught me other techniques that were not taught in the Rio Class.)

Another little trick I learned was that the ink pen can be cut without ink leaking all over the place. (I was really a little worried about that one, but it works.) The mess comes when cleaning out the cut end a little to make room for air to help push the ink through. (At least I think that's why we cleaned out the end. Darn.... why didn't I take physics? Actually I don't care that I didn't take chemistry or physics.)

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