Monday, August 2, 2010

Festival Canopy

As I mentioned before, I bought a tent for the Oil Heritage Festival. Not knowing what canopy to buy I did what most of us do now a days, I searched the internet.

The canopy I chose was rather pricey (at least for my budget) but was worth every penny. When other canopies were perishing in the wind and rain, mine held up. The roof is domed so the rain rolled right off. An add-on feature was the stabilizers which firmed up the canopy at the base.

And, I do have to retract my comment about no directions in taking down the canopy. They weren't on the CD but they were in the written instructions. (Never took a look at them until the day of the festival.) The CD had great directions for setting up.

Their website is (This is probably too much web info, but it's what I have in my bookmark bar.) They don't take orders on line. You have to call and they are very easy to deal with. In fact they are down right comedic.

If anyone is looking for a canopy, I highly recommend them. (Tell them I sent you and I get $25 dollars. Hey, can't blame me for trying.)

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