Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Duck. duck.... no goose

I took my college roommate back home on Sunday. On the way we stopped at Wendy's in Warren, Pa to have lunch and also got surprise entertainment. By my estimate there were around sixty ducks in the parking lot. I guess they were there for the food scraps and the warmth of the pavement. They were in no rush to get out of the way of oncoming traffic. We were worried that one of them would get hit but the drivers were all very careful. One driver saw us in the window laughing at the whole dilemma. He smiled and just threw up his hands.

When we left, about half of the ducks were napping in the parking lot with their heads tucked under their wings. The rest of them took their siesta on the safety of the grass.


Zoe Nelson said...

Oh, how hilarious!

Alice Walkowski said...

Yes, we got a good laugh from it all. One of Wendy's workers went out for a break with a frosty and a cigarette. He looked like the Pied Piper of Warren as the ducks immediately followed him. For a few minutes the lot was empty. Once they found out he wasn't going to feed them, they all came back.