Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More polymer

As mentioned in the previous post, one of the requirements for my 3-D students was to create a variety of canes and use one or some of them to cover an object.

We covered the usual ball point pens. (The cheapest Bic pens work the best and the polymer pens are comfortable to hold..... at least in my opinion. I'm still using some of them 10 years later. They just feel good and they are cheaper than the silver pen I made in Certification class.)

The students could cover just about anything that we could "cure" in the toaster oven. (That was for you Carol S..... I almost typed "baked." I'm learning.) The soft clay was formed around the object which ranged from glass, to plastic, to tin. Cured pieces were attached with glue to such things as wooden frames.

The covered plastic egg was polished with a buffing wheel instead of the usual polymer glaze.

The tin made use of the ends of cut-off canes that were considered unusable. (Usually these pieces would have been mixed with other scrap to create a base for other pieces.) I saw them as flowers and added leaves.

Working with the polymer was fun. Guess I'll have to do a class that combines polymer with metal clay.

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Anonymous said...

Well put, Alice! I'll have to tell Barbara K that you're learning the lesson she taught me (and encouraged me to pass along).