Thursday, October 28, 2010

Point of no return

My friend Carol Scheftic is putting the finishing touches on her studio since her first open house is this coming Wednesday. Her studio is beautiful and she has done such a nice job of decorating it. Carol spent a long time finding a studio that will fit her needs, but she finally did it.

During my walk today, I found myself thinking about my studio. I've been in my studio for a little over two years now. It's really enjoyable working in the studio (so much that sometimes my husband doesn't see me until late into the evening.) But today, a little panic set in when I thought about all the "stuff" in my studio. I can never give it up..... I wouldn't begin to know where to put it all. The hubby would have to build an out building in my backyard. Never thought about that little problem when I signed the lease. Oh well, there are worse things to worry about. (Like paying the rent!) As far as I'm concerned it's a problem my heirs will have to worry about once I'm gone.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Alice, I realized there was going to be "no turning back" the day I signed the studio's lease!!!

It wasn't at the actual signing. But I had that exact thought a mere few hours later! I was assembling the shelving units I'd just bought, thinking of what I'd put where, and how I'd rearrange things at my house once all those art & jewelry-making materials were in the studio, when it hit me: I have no space for all those shelves & tables & such at home.

And though I'd managed to accommodate all the "tools of the trade" into various nooks and crannies as it had gradually expanded over time, there was no way I'd ever pack it all back in at once. If (when?) I must give up having a studio, it is likely to mean I'm giving all that up. (Yes, I know it will happen sometime: the question mark with the when has to do with whether it'll be my decision or, as you put it, that of my heirs).

Since that moment of panic, however, I've just been thinking how nice it feels to be getting "my house" back at the same time I'm gaining the studio! For now, at least, I try to keep my focus on the win-win aspect of it all.

Alice Walkowski said...

You won't regret it Carol. It was just a fleeting thought that passes quickly because you will be having so much fun in your studio!