Sunday, December 5, 2010

Art Attack

Titusville Arts Council sponsored their second Art Attack event yesterday. Artists were paired with local businesses. The idea was to get people into the local businesses to do their shopping locally instead of going out of town.

A young high school student, Jessie Rumbaugh and I were located at the Original Pizza Villa on W. Spring St. Carl Olson was on the keyboard entertaining us with Christmas music. (He left at 2:00. Darn, he had me humming along and rocking to the music.) Jessie dropped off her pieces and left for a birthday party. So I was the only one there for most of the time.

I set up a display, offered pieces for sale and did demos all afternoon. There wasn't much traffic during the day. Most people came in to eat pizza, not to look at art. I did make a few sales though and made contacts with a lot of nice people. (That seems to be the norm!) But the demos resulted in five pair of earrings, so all was not lost. This coming Saturday is my Open House and I need more pieces.

If you are in Titusville, PA stop by the Original Pizza Villa (they have more than pizza) for dinner and say hi to Joyce the manager. Good food and good people. Can't beat that!

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