Monday, December 13, 2010

Charm exchange

Last Wednesday was the Christmas guild meeting of the Western Pa. metal clay guild. We were in the same building where the guild had their very first meeting. This time though we met in my friend Carol's studio which she's only been in a couple of months.

Carol Dickert and I arrived at noon and spent several hours before the meeting just playing with clay. It was a great time to try out some of Carol's textures to see if I like them before I buy. Using PMC Standard I managed to make six pair of earrings which finally got fired today. I was anxious to see them after they shrank. (Opening the kiln is like opening a Christmas present.)

The first order of business (besides the snacking.... and Monday was my first day back at Weight Watchers) was "show and tell" which is always inspiring. (So many things to try.)

Next was the charm exchange, which we did last year also. This year the theme was Pittsburgh. (Some people did Pittsburgh and some people did Christmas.) Sometime in the future, I'll share my charm. For now I'm sharing my bracelet, with charms from this year, last year and from another exchange. (Can you find the "Golden Triangle?)

The meeting finished with a demo on traditional bezel setting with Donna Penoyer and bezel setting with metal clay sheet by Michelle (can't remember her last name.) Both demos were very informative. (We have such talented members!)

Guilds are a great place to meet people, get inspired and learn techniques. I'm glad I sought one out.

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