Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's that time of year.......again!

Every notice how quickly things you don't like to do come around so quickly...... like inventory?
It's not that I really mind counting the materials (it does help me know better what I have and don't have.) I'm also rather anal when it comes to inventory as I do count each and every jump ring, bead, crimp, etc.

The frustration sets in when items aren't marked and I can't find them anywhere on my printout. Every year I think I've got it down until the following year when I sit down to count. There are jewelry programs for this kind of thing but of course they're for PC's and I have a Mac. (I LOVE MY MAC except when it went down a year ago and cost me the price of a new PC to have it repaired.)

Plus it would help if I wouldn't put off entering things until the last minute. (But hey I'm human.) Guess I'll just have to sit down and make up my own program for my specific needs. Do I really think I'm computer literate enough to do this? No, but I'm known for jumping in headfirst and worrying about what's in the water later. (Like the time I told my Sunday School teacher that I could play the piano.... before I took lessons. Managed to play one song for the class. Thank goodness she didn't ask for another one. One was all I had.)

Oh well, got have the inventory done yesterday and will finish it up on Thursday. (I hope.)
But I swear..... before next year, things are going to change!

I threw in a picture of a new pair of earrings. Figured they were a better choice than a picture of jump rings, beads and crimps.

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