Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Time to get back to work

I've been in Florida since February 20th and just got home this past Monday night.

Florida's temperatures this year were above normal (and wonderful!) Most of the days were in the 80's and sunny. It rained only one morning and then cleared out for a beautiful afternoon. We golfed, lounged in the pool, visited with friends, lounged in the pool, took aquatic aerobic classes in the community pool, lounged in the pool, shopped (and shopped), took some day trips and lounged in the pool. (You should see my tan!)

So when I got up this morning and saw that it was snowing and everything was white..... I was not happy. But, when you live in PA that is reality. So.... as difficult as it is, I must get back to reality and making jewelry.

I had big plans when I went to FL this year. I planned on assembling unfinished pieces, designing pieces to display my many beautiful stones, designing some upcoming classes and painting on the bird house for the Rails to Trails fundraiser. (Remember my earlier post on the birdhouse? Well it doesn't look any different that it did in that post.) There was just too much nice weather and too much fun in the sun. I'm so ashamed!!!!

But, tomorrow I'm going to get back on track. It's back to the studio and nose to the grind. (As long as the weather stays cold and the golf course stays soggy.)

I'm seriously considering heading to the tanning bed (not for very much though, I know the dangers.) But this tan looks so nice and in this weather it's not going to last long.

As usual, after a vacation I get in kind of a funk for a while and nothing much gets accomplished. Hope that doesn't last long. There is too much to get caught up on (and bills to pay.)

Life goes on (even in the cold and snow. Darn!)

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