Saturday, April 9, 2011

Try, try, try again

A friend of mine gave me three small pieces of beach glass she collected while on vacation. She wanted a piece of jewelry made from one of the pieces. I'd already made several beach glass charms with small pieces of glass that worked out great.

That's the thing when using glass with metal clay, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Lately it seems that anything with glass hasn't been working out for me.

This particular piece not only had the silver leach amber coloring into it (which is mostly expected) but it appeared to "pucker" around the edges. That's the first time that's happened! It also looked like the glass hadn't been cleaned before firing, but I know that wasn't the case. (Although that has happened before.)

So (as usual) it's back to the drawing board. Hopefully one of the other two pieces meets with success.

And, as usual, nothing is going to waste. I chipped out the glass and plan on imbedding some polymer clay into the empty metal clay frame (or maybe some resin!)

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