Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The price of silver is at a thirty one year high!!!!

The chain in the picture of my previous post is made of sterling silver. I love ball chains, but suspect that they don't sell well because people don't think they are silver. Instead they think of the chain that turns their fans and lights on.

The customer had me order this chain for him. The only catalogue I had at the studio was one from 2009 so I added four more dollars to the price of the chain to allow for any increase. Silly me! The chain was almost two and one quarter times more than the cost in 2009. Yikes! He knew he might have to pay more once we found out what the actual price was but I never dreamed it would be that much more.

Time to get even greener and recycle more. Anything is potential material for jewelry (just got to get my mind to think outside the box. What are the chances of that happening?)

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