Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'm here

Yay!! We got to Gatlinburg today and tomorrow is my first class at the PMC Connection metal clay retreat. I thought the excitement would start to tomorrow when I went to class but instead it started tonight..... about 15 minutes ago.

Now, I'm not familiar with home security alarm systems and the cabin we are renting has one. We got into the cabin around 3:30 and both of us were rather nervous about the alarm system. They gave us info on using it (of course they weren't very clear.) We practiced arming and disarming the system and using the keyless entry. For some reason we couldn't seem to get the keyless system to lock the door. So we called the rental agency and of course they were closed and we had to call their answering service which asked us if it was an emergency. We thought it was and waited for Terri to call us. When she did, I took the phone with me to the door and tried to lock it following her directions (which were exactly what I had tried numerous times before.) Just like an automobile that's been acting up and quits acting up when it gets to the garage...... the door locked. I assured her that I had a college degree and I really did do those things before. She was very nice and assured me that was fine.

Next we kept trying to arm and disarm the alarm system, lock the door and try to open it to see if it worked properly. Well, we couldn't seem to set the alarm off no matter what we did. The alarm just kept beeping (and we didn't know if it was supposed to or not.) When we were getting ready for bed, we set the stay button on the alarm and it said it was armed. (But we weren't sure.)

Well...... we are now sure. I went to check the back door to the deck (without thinking) and set off the alarm. A siren started to go off and the thing kept yelling "Intruder, Intruder... Leave now." (Over and over again.) We knew the code to the alarm, but when the noise is ear piercing and it's yelling at you it's easy to get confused. (I can get confused easily without being yelled at.) So of course, it took about six tries to get that thing turned off.

Then the security company called........ the owner of the cabin called........... and the police stopped by.

Before this all started I was really getting sleepy....... Not now! I'm wide awake.

But when I do get to sleep, I can sleep secure knowing that thing is working (Man is it working!)

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