Friday, May 6, 2011

The Big Finish

Jude Carmona testing out the 3-M wheels

Glenda Hinson showing off her Bling Ring after the Big finish with the 3-M wheels.

For me this class was the Big Finish; my last one.

Thursday night Ruth Greening taught a class on finishing metal clay pieces. The class was a chance to play with our Flex Shafts or Dremel tools and try out different finishing wheels.

I sold my floor loom a while back so I could buy a jump ring maker and a flex shaft. Also, got a book about flex shafts when I ordered them. It has nice pictures! (That's as far as I got.) Up to this point I was only using it to cut jump rings.

We got a small kit with several wheels in them so we could practice on a piece of copper before we used them on our silver.

I took only one heavy duty class (Holly's) this year. My other classes were not as intensive (but every bit as informative.) Two years ago I wore myself out taking heavy duty classes every day so this year I took it easy. (It was also easier on my pocketbook.)

Already looking forward to the next one.

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