Thursday, May 5, 2011


Pmc Connection has four levels of Certification. The first three are skill based and the fourth level is business oriented. Level four focuses on marketing yourself as an artist and as a teacher. The retreat offered all three levels during the week.

I took Level 4 on Tuesday and Wednesday evening with Mary Ann and Ken Devos. It was an informative and interesting class. Most of the things we talked about I was already doing (but I need to get out there and do it with a vengeance.) It was a good refresher course and I did pick up some good ideas.

Marketing myself as a teacher is easy, (I've had 35 years of experience doing that.) Marketing myself as an artist is more difficult. Even though I was trained as an artist first and a teacher second, teaching was always my goal.

We had to write an artist statement and an artist bio. It sounded easy, but it wasn't. A bio is not a resume. So far I've written three and still writing. The lesson plan was a piece of cake.

As with any of these classes, there is much to learn and try. But what makes it all great is the friends that are made. The metal clay community is a sharing and giving group. I'm glad I'm part of it.

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