Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Things that go in threes

As mentioned in yesterday's post, things the first two days at Arrowmont didn't go as planned.
Well....... neither did the third day.

I thought I was doing pretty well at packing tools and such for the retreat, but I still didn't bring enough carving tools. The metal clay vendors had some things I wanted but not everything, so I headed down to the art store inside the building and found more exciting tools. But, in the process of checking out the supplies I caught the edge of a piece of glass in the stained glass area and gouged my thumb.

With blood dripping at a darn good pace I turned to head to the bathroom when the store clerk directed me to the sink in the back room (dripping all the way.) Hansel and Gretel could have taken lessons from me on how to leave a trail! After many blood soaked paper towels, I held pressure on it and returned to class (I had too much to do to let this interfere.) Everyone thought I should get stitches but that takes time. (Didn't have any.)

Lora Hart (one of the Senior Instructors.... check out her website) said she wasn't squeamish since her Dad had been a doctor and agreed to apply butterflies and band aids. She did a great job and I sat down to get back to business, when Teva Chapin (another Senior Instructor who is also an EMT) came into see and offer her opinion. Darn, the cut went through three layers of skin so it was off to see a doctor.

Jennifer Roberts of PMC Connection and the Arrowmont staff were all so nice and found a doctor (who was close) that would stitch me up. So off I went assuming that I would get stitches and be back ASAP (which did happen but not without a few nervous moments.)

The staff at Doctor Vickie Moore's office was waiting for me when I got there. (Such nice people!) They took a look and thought that I might have to go to Sevierville to the Emergency room. The cut was deep and they weren't sure it hadn't gone through things it shouldn't have or not. Now anyone who has ever been to this area knows that the traffic through Pigeon Forge is atrocious. So I was really nervous about the work time I was losing.

But when Doctor Moore arrived, she took a good deep look (that's the only time I could have said ouch!) and said that she would be able to stitch it up. Thank God! She loves to do suturing (her staff had already mentioned that) and it was true. She was as sweet as can be (they all were) and did a great job. Ended up with three stitches underneath and four on top. (Also learned that a tourniquet can only stay on for twenty minutes.)

My thumb is in good condition today. No pain and I'm ready to work. (With my rubber gloves on of course.)

Stopped by the store today to show the assistant director what had happened and the clerk forgot to clean up the blood spots where it happened. She got the trail cleaned up but missed those. Kind of weird seeing my dried blood on the floor.

I filed an accident report today with Arrowmont and learned that the doctor is a gynecologist. Too funny. That just adds to the story!


Zoe Nelson said...

Yikes, Alice! Be careful! I'd hate it if you had to miss any more time. I'm enjoying the retreat vicariously through you.

convergentseries said...

You're my inspiration, Alice!

In the spirit of adapting the ideas of others to make them into your own, I managed to avoid the need for stitches.

Instead, I did less damage, but spread it across both thumbs! I sliced one with a tissue blade (I really thought it was pointed the other way) and burned the other with a sifting spoon (I have two and really thought I had already used the _other_ when I went to pick that one up).

Do you think blood from the first one will cause any problem with metal clay binder? Oh well, I'll find out when I fire that load tomorrow.

Here's hoping your day four was a good one!