Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rock on Oil City

Holly Berlin from the National Transit Studios started a "Rock On" movement in Oil City.  She read or heard somewhere about people who painted rocks and set them around town in unexpected places.  Thinking this was such a great idea she suggested that we try it.

Many have jumped on the band wagon with both clever phrases and ideas involving the words rock and actually painting rocks.  I think Holly had a painting party last weekend that got even more people involved.

I think this is a great idea (but so far haven't painted any rocks myself....... so far.)

But today, I did come across my first "Rock on Oil City."  Don't know who painted it but it was outside the Transit Building in one of the flower pots.  What an appropriate place and what an age old question.  

The windows on the second floor have signs in them that say "Art Inside" and there are also banners lining the streets that say the same thing so the rock's placement couldn't have been better.  Can't wait to "come upon" more.  What fun!

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