Monday, June 27, 2011


The main hallway into the studios was pretty drab looking.  It's a huge hallway and the lighting is dim.  Not a very inviting entry.

Down at the other end of the hallway the lighting is brighter and the artists whose studios are at that end have added little paintings to the walls here and there.  It is fun and inviting.  (Will share a photo of that area when I take one.)

So some of us at the other end decided to do something about it.  John Manders came up with the idea of creating a wall that said Art when you looked at it.  (It literally says art!)  Using left over paint from a previous project, we painted the wall purple and added the lettering.  It's something you can't miss.  Even walking by the doorway it catches the eye.  We've done one wall so far, but it's just the beginning.

The day I painted the "R" I decided to add to the corner outside my studio.  Just a little flow to lead the eye.

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convergentseries said...

I love your extra "flourish"!