Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oil Heritage Festival

Every year at this time Oil City celebrates their heritage with a festival.  This year's festival begins on Thursday and runs through Sunday.

Activities for all ages are planned for the next few days, including an adult and a young peoples art show at the National Transit building (where my studio is located.)   Tomorrow is a children's olympic competition and tomorrow evening is a children's pet show.  Friday and Saturday is the annual craft show.  Also on Saturday is a run and a parade Saturday evening.  At some point there is a car show, plus many other activities.  The culminating event on Sunday night is the fireworks.  (Since I'm too lazy to go find my paper with the information of all the activities for the festival, I'm missing lots of the details.)  If you are interested just google it.

Last year I tried my hand at a booth during the Art and Craft show.  I was planning on doing it again this year and then just got too stressed out thinking about all that work (that sounds pretty simple but I'd just been in some kind of funk.)   Last year was successful and I felt good about it.  But this year it just wasn't appealing to me.

Instead, I am setting up my work in the Graffiti Gallery.  There are eight of us that are offering our art for sale.  Assemblage artists, a stained glass artist, painter and book illustrator, along with Swan (another jeweler in the studios) and myself.  My work and hers are so different from each other that we feel we can exhibit and sell together.  Hopefully people will come in off the street to visit.  (It's supposed to be hotter than you know what, so maybe they'll come in just to cool down.)

If the weather is anything like last year (hot, stormy and windy) I'll be glad I'm not out on the street.
If you're in town, stop by and say hello.

Tomorrow I'll share a photo of a new piece I just finished today.  (Another one of those things that have been sitting around for a year or more.  It finally talked to me and I love what it said!)

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