Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Diving for Pearls Pendant

This piece started out as one of my negative space designs.  (That's what I call my pieces that are made from the left over scraps of paper clay after I have used the paper punch.)  Usually they involve several pieces of negative spaces but this piece uses only one.

The empty spaces reminded me of waves and as usual I dove right in (an appropriate word since we are talking about waves.)  One thing led to another and the piece came together.  ( I had no idea where it was going.)  I use to teach my students that planning saved time and money.  I need to follow my own advise.  Think not!  No fun!

Anyway, the focal piece has been finished for well over a year but I had no idea where to take it next.  Not until the other day when a friend of mine came to me with a request to fix a bracelet she  bought somewhere else.  The bracelet was beautiful to look at but just was not made to fit the normal human's wrist.  (There wasn't much I could do.)  But the curly wires in the bracelet turned on the light bulb in my brain as the perfect complement to my focal point.

At first I was going to use wire (wasted about three inches of fourteen gauge wire on that one) but it didn't feel right.   Then the light bulb went off again (I was seeing spots from all the flashing that was going on.)  Since I had used coils of clay for the focal piece, why not use them for the connecting piece.

I'd also had the beads for quite awhile.  I knew I wanted them for this piece but wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them.  I also had some very large round beads in the same color but they were way too big.  (But not to worry.  They now have a place as soon as I finish firing some big ceramic beads that I covered with silver paste, etc.)   Big beads need to hang together.

It feels good to finally have it finished and I'm very pleased with how it turned out.  It's a good thing I took the (long) time to listen to the piece.  Otherwise there were some other plans that would not have been so successful.  It pays to be patient (and have multiple pieces on the work bench at once.)


Anonymous said...

I like the piece. I think the connectors are great. I love the beads.

But the real reason I'm commenting is that I wanted to let you know how very much I like the "lighter" look of your revised blog format!!!

I'm fine with jewelry, especially silver, displayed on black, but I'm much happier reading dark text on a lighter background. So this is a "Thank You!" note from a regular reader....


Alice Walkowski said...

You are welcome. I thought it was time for a "brightening" up change.