Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Paradox

 In my Artful Success class we were asked to think about who we are, why we make the jewelry that we make and how our jewelry shows who we are.  In the past I've been asked to do this in other classes but never really took the time until now.  Instead of just thinking about it I started to write it down.

Here is where the paradox comes in.  Do I really know myself.  I say my decorating style leans towards the mission style (actually it's mostly eclectic but I like the mission style.  Except when it come to dusting in between those little slats!)  But my jewelry does not have the clean simple lines of the mission style, it's very organic.   This contradiction, I've noticed before.

But with this new class I've discovered another contradiction between who I think I am and my work.  We have accountability buddies in the class and I told mine that my ideal day would begin by waking up in the mountains and seeing the mountain tops shrouded in mist.  So..... why do I have so many pieces that deal with water?  I'm not a beach type of person (although if someone wants to give me a free vacation on the beach I'm not about to pass it up.)  My latest piece "Diving for Pearls" pendant is about water.  I haven't actually counted the number of water pieces yet (but I will.)  I have a feeling I'll be surprised.

So what does this say about me?  Oh, too much to think about!


convergentseries said...

Two thoughts:

1. Style. For me at least, design images I have in my mind often get re-designed when I start to think about the actual process of constructing them. Could that be a part of what you are experiencing?

2. Ideal day. If someone offered you a totally free vacation at the beach OR on a mountain top, which one would you take? (Me, I go for bodies of water more than beaches themselves. Regardless of setting, my ideal day requires "moderate" temperatures (cooler than you would choose I think!). Thus mine might include a cool misty mountain top for the morning, followed by a warm blue sky afternoon with sailing on a clear, cool lake near-by. It would not include a hot south Florida beach ... like the ones where I grew up.)

Alice Walkowski said...

1. Most of my working method (not all) do not begin with a plan or idea. I just start working and see what happens. That is basically why some pieces lay around for a long time before they get completed.

2. I would probably take the mountain vacation. I too like water near the mountains. One of the most beautiful places to me is in Glacier National Park in Montana. There are mountains everywhere and nestled in the center is Hidden Valley Lake. The water is blue as blue can be. There are mountain goats climbing all over, the sky is blue and there is a nice breeze blowing. I could sit there for hours.

Other mountain areas have waterfalls which add to the beauty.

As far as the temperature I like warm (but nothing like we've been having this week.) Probably in the mid to high 70's. Nope, don't want summer in Florida.