Saturday, July 2, 2011

They're all doing it!

This past week we had all the grandchildren at our house at one time or another.  My daughter and her two children were up for the week.  Thursday night Olivia stayed at her other Grandparent's house so we invited "the boys" over to spend the night with Beau.

Thank goodness we had four IPhones between us.   The boys were sitting in a row playing games on the phones (until Beau decided to get up for a snack!)

They do still play traditional board games though.  Tyler has been learning to play Chess and he does pretty well at it.  Ethan's favorite is Blokus.  The little ones (two and three) want to play anything that has lots of pieces.

But, video games are here to stay.  I even find myself addicted to BeJeweled and Bookworm.  (Which keeps me from getting my work done.  Okay, Alice..... put the phone down and back away.)

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heatherandlola said...

Aww so cute! That was a funny sight. Just catching up on your blog. I don't think I've read it in probably 3 months.

See you soon!