Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Box Pearl Ring

Drying box with post for pearl

Pouring in vermiculite to support the post

Rings ready for firing

My finished ring

I do love making rings and I happened to have had an empty finger to cover.  So it was very convenient that Sunday's class with Gordon was on making a box ring with a pearl.

Lora Hart once said that when she takes a class she doesn't try to be creative.  She's there to learn the technique and creativity can be her focus when she's back in her own studio.

Keeping that in mind, I kept my ring simple and just followed Gordon's lead.  (Not that I didn't draw up a design that involved carving, stippling and adding coils..........but thought twice about it.  I'm so glad I did keep it simple.)

The techniques I learned can now be expanded into so many other areas and that is why I take classes in the first place.