Monday, September 12, 2011

Forget new, I want to the old ones

A very simple and fun project is making polymer clay covered pens.  My art club use to make them to sell.

On Saturday, I offered an appreciation class in making polymer clay pens.  Luckily I had eleven Bic pens made with a white plastic barrel as these have been successful in not melting in the toaster oven.  I never dreamed that I would not be able to buy them any more.  

Instead I had to buy pens that "looked" like the Bic pens.  They were different in two ways; they had 1/3 less ink in them and they melted in the oven.  Darn!  I may never be able to make these pens again.   Now I'm stuck with sixty pens I don't want.  Anyone need a pen?

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Anonymous said...

Oh, No! Sorry to hear that!

Can you pull the ink "barrel" out of its "case"? Or, if not, still work with the whole thing ...

I'm thinking of revising the whole project to be more like the Rio Rewards one where (I know) you made a silver (though it could be adapted for polymer) piece around a straw, pulled that out before firing this "pen cover," and then re-inserted the pen-piece post-firing.

Then, if you really do want to get rid of more of those new pens, you could offer a "free refill" along with each finished piece....

Brainstormingly yours,