Sunday, October 2, 2011

Favorite tools

What is your favorite tool or tools?   (It doesn't have to be related to metal clay.)

       If we were talking about power tools it would have to be the band saw and the router.  (I had a college professor who cut his hand in half with the table saw.  So he had us all scared to death of it and of the planer......... I didn't want to get scalped!  Needless to say they were not among my favorites.  Neither was the circular sander....... too many bloody knuckles.)

But when it comes to metal clay I have a couple of new "favorites."  Both tools are ceramic tools but like many other things, they "work" for this medium too.   I discovered them at the Arrowmont store when I was there last May taking Holly Gage's Repousse class.  (Actually I think I bought them the day I cut my hand on the glass.)  These tools are great for scraping and cleaning up details.  I used them to undercut the design on my repousse piece and lately I've been using them to help carve the copper clay.  (So, not only am I using my new tools, but I'm also using what I learned in Holly's class.)  That's a two-fer-one in my book.

These tools are very similar to some dental tools that I have, but somehow they are still different.

So...... how about sharing your favorite tool or tools with us!

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