Thursday, October 6, 2011

You know you are old when......

I've been feeling exceptionally old lately.  Getting out of bed in the morning doesn't feel any different than when I got in.

Signs that one is getting old......
     Achy joints aren't temporary.
     Going down the stairs with two feet at a time on each step.
     Lightening the hair color instead of darkening like you really want.
     Can't see a damn thing without the glasses on and even then it can be questionable.
     Adding blood pressure medicine to the growing list of prescriptions.
     Finally remembering that person's name...... six hours later.
     Being ready to go to  bed at 8:00.  (What happened to the night owl?)
     Not being able to get up off the floor.  (Please don't make me sit on the floor sweetie.
     This being said to the grandchildren.)
     Not wanting to do the things you use to find fun (waterskiing, riding roller coasters, and other extremely physical activities.)
     Not being able to pass up a bathroom (you never know how close the next one is.)
     And the list goes on...  feel free to add to it.

Getting old isn't all that bad.  But right now I can't think of too many of them.  The shoulder aches, the knees ache, the feet ache.  Ah hell, it all aches right now.

Maybe going to the studio will make it feel better.  Will see.

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