Thursday, October 13, 2011

Obesity is rampant!

We went to Port Farms in Waterford on Monday with our children and their families.  Port Farms is a working farm that has taken several acres of their land and set up a place for children and their parents to learn about farming.

Part of it is educational and part of it is just fun.   The grandchildren had a great time on the slides, playing in the dirt with dozers, milking a wooden cow, getting lost in the corn maze, taking a hay ride (well actually it was just a wagon ride..... no hay,) among many other activities.

Instead of a room full of balls, the farm had a room full of corn.  (I understand that rolling around in the corn for awhile was quite the skin softener.)  It only took the oldest grandson a few minutes to blossom into a very rotund little boy.  Luckily his obesity was solved by pulling his shirt out of his pants.   (Boy I wish it was that easy!)

His mohawk hairstyle fit right into the country theme.  I overheard a father commenting on my grandson's hairstyle to his son, "That boy looks like a rooster!"

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