Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oh Grandpa

I have this photo done by Herb Ritts hanging in my bedroom.  For my family, this photo has a history and it keeps growing.

Years ago, when my daughter was a teenager, she saw this photo somewhere and really liked it.  So, when I was in DC I happened to see it, bought it, had it framed and gave it to her for Christmas.

When she got married, her husband said the photo wasn't part of the dowry (Why does this photo intimidate men so much?)  so it stayed.

Much to the protest of my husband, I hung it over our bed.  He wasn't happy (again, why are  men so intimidated?) but he left it be.  He even told the grandsons it was a photo of him and they believed him!

The photo has been the topic of many guests at the house.  Again, most of the women see nothing wrong with it.  My husband has the men on his side.  "How can you let your wife hang that thing in your bedroom?"

Today, we added another story to the photo.  My five year old granddaughter was running through the house into the bedroom when she stopped dead in her tracks and said "Grandpa was soooooooooo hot!"

The grandsons proceeded to let her know that the picture was NOT Grandpa.  "See, the guys name is Herb Ritts.  Grandpa's name is John.  It is not Grandpa"  And the intimidation goes on!

(Maybe I'll just have this photo buried with me when I die.  It should fit in the casket.)


Zoe Nelson said...

"Oh Grandpa" is RIGHT!

Alice Walkowski said...

LOL, see girls get it!