Tuesday, November 1, 2011

15 minutes

Everyone is looking for their fifteen minutes of fame.  I guess that's why there are so many reality shows.  I'm not a big fan of reality shows although I do watch American Idol.

But there is a new reality show that caught my attention.  Runway Accessories is on Thursdays on Lifetime at 10 PM.  Last Thursday was the first night.  There were 12 contestants who had fifteen minutes to rummage through a storage unit and come up with items to create a necklace, a belt and an accessory of their choosing.  Their creations were made to enhance a T-shirt and a pair of jeans.  They were able to work until midnight that day and for a few hours the next day.  Then they met with the model who would model their pieces.  In order to enhance their pieces they helped direct the make-up and hair styles of the model.  

Chandeliers, couch springs, and teddy bears were among the materials some of them used in their creations.   They had a working studio (to die for) that had every tool imaginable for them to use.  And in true reality fashion, someone had to go home.  

Of course I found this interesting because I like to make jewelry.  But  I also found the challenge of making something out of junk interesting.  Now that concept is nothing new, but I've never done it.  Maybe with the increasing costs of precious metals, I'd better consider it.   (But for now, I'm happily working in copper and bronze!)  

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