Monday, December 26, 2011

Fourth time is a charm

Most of my post-graduate credits are in fibers. So, basically I have a masters equivalence in weaving.  Metal clay can be woven, both in the paper and the clay form.

There is another weaving technique that is used in the jewelry making process called wrapping.   It's done to bundle loose yarn ends and is done with yarn.  It consists of looping a single piece of yarn, using the long loose end to wrap around itself and the yarn to be bundled.  Wrapping is done from the loose end up to the looped end, where the loose piece of yarn is pulled through the loop.  The other end of the piece is pulled, which causes the loop (with the other loose end) down inside the wrapping to secure it.  

The wrapping technique is easy and fun to do until it has to be done with wire which is what this post is all about.  I truly admire people who can do wire wrapping.   I tend to be all thumbs when it comes to working with wire.  

I was making a necklace with a copper and bronze focal point, which needed a copper clasp.  The copper crimps have to be glued onto the cord and I don't trust them so I decided to do the wrapping technique.  (Which is just my favorite thing to do..... yeah, right!)  

I probably went through five or six tries before I got something I considered acceptable.   Then, when it was time to trim the cord I accidentally cut through the good side.  Augh!  More practice ensued before I finally got it right.  Time to trim the cord and guess what.  I cut the good cord, AGAIN!  Back to the practice board and finally after several tries it was done.  I very carefully trimmed the ends and this time I didn't cut the good cord.   But......... I accidentally put the wrong focal point onto the cord.  So......... for the fourth time I started again.  The fourth time was a charm.   Thank God.  I don't think I could have done it one more time.  

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Zoe Nelson said...

Just proves that practice makes perfect!