Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Now I'm sure

For the past four months I've been dealing with knee and shoulder pain.  I always thought I had a pretty high tolerance for pain but this chronic stuff is for the birds.

We suspect that the knee pain is a torn meniscus (in both knees.)  I was looking up information about the meniscus on the internet (because of course that's what we all do when we can't sleep at 3 AM) and discovered that meniscus injuries are common in athletes and old people.  Now we all know I'm not an athlete so where does that leave me?

I've suspected lately that I'm getting old.  Now I'm sure of it.  Damn!

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Anonymous said...

OK, now, if that's what it is, (how) can it be treated? (And, um, how might that differ depending on one's age?...)

And, speaking of athletics: is all your golfing good or bad for this?

Just curious...