Saturday, January 14, 2012

Laziness is costly!

Today was the Second Saturday at the National Transit Studios.  Every month on this day a majority of the artists are in their studios from 12:00-5:00.   The studios are one of Oil City's best kept secrets (even though we try to get the word out there.)  Many times Second Saturday is poorly attended and considering the weather this weekend, we had no reason to expect anything but the usual.  But, surprisingly it was quite busy today.  Many people decided to stop down and see what we were all about.

I had a chance to share information about metal clay with quite a few, talk to a former student who now lives in London where she works as a model, talk to the mother of a former student who is majoring in art at Edinboro University and catch up with a couple who attended a demo I did over a year ago.  I made contacts for possible students and just plain met some very nice people.

It's interesting to hear people's perspective on things.  In yesterdays post I said how messy my studio was.  Well, today a visitor made the comment about how neat my studio was.  Go figure!

Today I also saw how costly being lazy can be.  The price of silver has skyrocketed since I started making metal clay and many of the pieces I made early on carry the price calculated on the price of clay at the time.  Instead of updating the prices, I decided to leave them the same.  (Too much work to go back and do all the recalculating.  Besides, if I had to reprint all the pages of my catalogue, the ink alone would cost me a bundle.  At least that's what I told myself. )  Anyway, I sold a ring today and just for the  fun (?) of it, decided to recalculate the cost to remake the piece at today's prices.  Using the same formula, the same price per hour and the same overhead charge, todays charge would be $12 more due to the increase cost of silver.  (Multiply that by the amount of inventory I have of finished pieces and that's a big chunk of change.)  Maybe I'll find some energy somewhere.

I also fired the slip trailed earrings today and managed to get both firings done.  Before I left the studio today, I polished the pieces and added a patina.  The unfinished pieces looked like there wasn't much there.  But, once the pieces were fired I was quite satisfied.  The slip did show up well.  Just in case, I had drilled a hole at the bottom so I could add a spot of color in the form of a bead.  Oh me of little faith!

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Anonymous said...

Hooray! I look forward to seeing the slip-trailed pieces after they've been all assembled.

How many times have you been the one to say (to students, friends, and colleagues) something along the lines of how one "can see the development of a piece, once you start to break through any "funk" and let the pieces show you what they want to be"?!

Have faith. (And, yes, update some prices too so you can afford to keep doing this!)