Monday, January 23, 2012

Syringe technique

In an earlier post on the copper slip trailed earrings, I mentioned how easily Debbie handled the syringe.  Before that class was over she was going to give me some tips on how to fill the empty syringe with slip.   We got busy, the weather started to change and we never got to it.

When she was in on Saturday she showed me what to do.  I can handle the readymade, filled syringes just fine.  (Although it took months before I was able to control the darn things.)  It was when it came to filling the syringe with liquid that tripped me up and created the blobs (although blobs can be good.  But it's better to have some control over the blobbing process.  Is that a word?)

Deb's tip #1.   Before pushing the plunger totally in, tip the syringe so the air inside is at the tip and not at the back of the syringe.  That way, when inserting the plunger, the air will push out first and not a blob of slip.

Tip #2.  Use the syringe like a baster and draw the slip up through the tip.  This method just requires that your slip is in a larger puddle.

Thanks for the info Deb.

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