Friday, January 27, 2012

Shot, needle, shot....shot

My parent's house had a jagger bush on the side of the house by the driveway  When we were kids we played a game (that we made up) called shot, needle, shot,shot.  This was a game of tag, where the object of the game was not to get caught.  I guess that's the object of any tag game.  But if you got caught in this game you got a shot in the arm with a jagger from that bush.  The jaggers were big and thick and looked like a sharp claw.  We learned how to run very fast!

I thought about that game the other day when I got a shot in my shoulder for a possible tear in my rotator cuff.  About a week and a half earlier, I got a shot in my knee for a tear in my meniscus.  (That one was verified by an MRI.)  The shot didn't look like a claw, but it sure did look big.  (I didn't look while they were giving them to me.  I'm a wuss that way.)  

If you follow my blog, you've read about my knee pain, etc. so I just thought I'd update.  The knee feels better and I no longer walk like a ninety year old woman.  Not sure about the shoulder, only time will tell.

Okay, next post will be about metal clay.  Enough about my aches and pains!

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