Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thnking ahead

In the retail world it's important to be about six months ahead in the calendar.  June is the month to start planning for Christmas.  Instead of thinking about turkeys in November, it's important to be in the mode for Easter.  You get the idea.

Unfortunately, my brain doesn't work that way.  When planning my daughter's wedding, I'm sure I drove her future mother in law crazy.  We worked well together, but I didn't start anything until about six weeks before the wedding.  (Don't worry, the major things were taken care of.)  What waited until school let out were the decorations, etc.  They got done.  They were beautiful and my daughter thinks her mother in law and I should open a party planning business.

Right now I am thinking about summer though.  (At least I'm four months ahead,)  I love anklets but have only made two of them.   Every year I plan to make some (usually in August..... too late.)  So I think my focus for now will be on the ankle.  After taking inventory (and seeing how many beads I have) it seems like a good time to make the anklets and use up some inventory.

The anklet in the picture is the only one I've made so far (but I've made it twice.)  Will post new ones as they get finished.    The anklet in the photo uses handmade jump rings to make the handmade chain.  My new ones will just be beaded to save time and cost.

(I've taken photos of my hands with my rings on and decided that I will never be a hand model.  But it's pretty sad when my foot takes better photos than the rest of me!)


Zoe Nelson said...

Your feet look so good because you don't abuse them by working with metal, like you do with your hands! Love the anklet.

Alice Walkowski said...

Haha. Never thought about that. Guess that's true.
Have fun with your IPad. After you get use to it, you will love it.