Tuesday, January 31, 2012

TheTwilight Zone

I lied in my last post.... this one is not about metal clay.  (Sorry, but this is too funny.  Embarrassing... but funny.)

I've mentioned before that I'm not known for my housekeeping.  But, I also have to admit that my sense of direction is not the best (and here in lies the story.)

After visiting with friends in South Carolina, we were meeting up at a Comfort Inn, with friends who were also traveling.  We arrived much later than they did and they told us they were in room 121.

We pulled into the Comfort Inn, registered and found a parking space in the back lot.  After gathering all our belongings (which were kind of heavy) we went in the back door of the hotel, found room 121 and knocked.  No answer.  We assumed they were out and proceeded to our room on the third floor (lugging all those heavy belongings.)  My husband tried the key repeatedly (and basically patiently.)  The green light just would not stay on.  I called my friend and asked how these keys worked.  (They were not the credit card type.)

On my way to the front desk, to exchange keys, she told me to stop down at her room and she would show me how the key works. Well I did, and some strange man with a dog (I thought the barking was her dog) opened the door.  He was very nice and accepted my apologies for bothering him.

Another call to Debbie to tell her she wasn't in room 121.  She assured me she was.

I asked her to come out into the hallway so I could see where she was.  I waited, and waited and waited. No Debbie.  Weird.  I really did feel like I was in the Twilight Zone.  What was going on?

As I headed down the hallway and entered the lobby of the hotel, I noticed the attendant behind the desk was not the same one who waited on me.  And why did the rug on the floor say"Days Inn?"  The sad thing is it took a few minutes to register in my brain.  (Maybe riding in the car for thirteen hours had fried my brain.   At least that is what I would like to think!)  When the attendant told me I looked lost, it finally registered.  In the process of parking the car, we had parked one lot over and gone in the back door of the Days Inn.

My friend was not very understanding.  She said she always knew I had no sense of direction and this just solidified it.  She had to hang up on me as her stomach was hurting from laughing so hard.  I could hardly understand her on the phone.  I suppose this will not be the end of it.

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