Friday, April 27, 2012

Going Once. Going Twice.

Sold!  (but not to me.  I forgot to bring my checkbook!)

Tonight my cousin and I went to the Tionesta Art Council's art auction.  I have to admit that I was tired and really considered staying home, but I'm glad I didn't.

 It was such a fun night.  Lots (and I mean lots) of wonderful food and drinks.  (I was driving so I resisted the wine.)

We both left our checkbooks at home (which was probably a good thing as I would have gotten caught up in the bidding...... had a neat little paddle to raise.)  Unfortunately I only had $60 in my wallet and I could see that it would never be enough to bid on two of the pieces I was interested in.  (One piece was by one of the Transit Artists, Carol McDonald.  Guess I'll just have to trot down there and buy direct.)

Since I am teaching a class on May 19th at Tionesta, I was asked to donate a piece for the auction.  Let me say that it is nerve wracking, waiting to see if people will bid on your piece or not.  My piece was small and many people missed it when looking at the pieces to be auctioned off.  (I know I did.)  So when it came time to bid, not many people actually knew what it looked like.  But thankfully it did receive several bids and the final bid was exactly what I would have charged for the piece.  Phew!

My cousin and I already have a date to go next year (with our checkbooks and a donation that will be bigger in size!)  

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