Sunday, April 29, 2012

No Censorship!

No Fees, no age limit and no censorship is the mantra of Lawrenceville's "Art all Night."

 Katie Levan

Amy Lewandowski

Art all Night was held in an empty (what looks like) a machine shop.  A very large and with the way the weather was last night........ a very cold building.  (Two jackets on and I still couldn't stop shivering.) 

But in spite of the cold, it was a really fun event.  The Western Pa Metal Clay guild set up an area (unfortunately in the children's hands on area) to do metal clay demos and promote the guild.  (A little personal promotion went on too.... of course.)  Carol Scheftic, Debbie Rusonis, Donna Penoyer and I spent several hours sharing our love of metal clay with the art loving public.

Carol and Debbie

The estimate is that the number of artists participating in the the event was somewhere between 1200 and 1500.  The number of people attending the 22 hour event were between 12,000 and 15,000. * (The The artists ranged from one year old to over seventy years old.   There was lots to see (and for me, not enough time to see it all.)  We went back Sunday before the show closed (and when it was warmer, which made viewing the art much more enjoyable.)

Giant made by elementary school children.

Besides a variety of bands playing throughout the night there were large paintings being created.

We left early because it was just way too cold but Suzanne Trenney said it all.

Wish everyone felt that way!

(Sorry, no picture of my work or Carol's.  They were displayed in a dark area and were hard to see.  The pictures didn't turn out.  This seems to be the story of my life.)

*Note..... correction on number of participants and artists.  Small town mentality in a big city environment.  Not use to big numbers!


Anonymous said...

It sure was great to have you with us this year!

One correction, though:

The initial estimate of the number of ARTISTS participating was between 1200 and 1500.

The initial estimate for PEOPLE attending was ten times that: between 12,000 and 15,000 over the 22 hours the show was open.

Alice Walkowski said...

Thanks for the correction. I heard that wrong...... twas my small town mentality. Oh to have that many participate in events at the Transit .

Anonymous said...

Yep! Much as I'd like the event at any size, the sheer magnitude of it makes it even more amazing!