Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fun in the Forest Area

My motto has always been "Have kiln, will travel."  And last Saturday that's exactly what I did; pack everything up and head to Tionesta to teach an Intro Class.  It only took me two trips to load my car (thank goodness the elevator is working at the Transit Building!)  I thought I did pretty well at packing everything.  I really didn't think there was anything I missed until I couldn't see the details as closely as I needed to.  Of all the things for me to forget, I forgot my visor.

Made new friends, hooked a few on metal clay and saw lots of creative pieces being made.   I wanted to share photos of every one's work (there were so many nice pieces) but for various reasons only a few of the pictures will work.   

Nancy's "Two peas in a pod", Snake, and curved piece

Carol's face pendant

Unfortunately I can't remember the name of this artist.  
(or the last names of the artist's who created the other two pieces.)

After 35 years of remembering hundreds of names, my brain refuses to remember anymore names.  
(Faces yes, names..... no!)

Tionesta has some upcoming festivals if you are in the Forest County Area in Pennsylvania. 

June 16...... Festival in the Forest
August 11-19..... Tionesta Indian Festival

Check them out and meet some very nice people!  

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