Monday, May 14, 2012

The power of the brain

Successful athletes "see" themselves winning.  They basically will themselves to success.  In your mind's eye see yourself achieving what you want, one step at a time.    This process of creating success in your life is something that is practiced in sports, theater, losing weight, etc.  (I've been trying it on the golf course, but too many things distract me from focusing on my goal...... hence my lousy scores lately.)

I know that artists can work this way too.  That's why I have "Believe" signs in my studio.  I'm basically an optimistic person, but occasionally a negative thought will creep in and influence my creativity and production.

I know the brain is powerful and that it can make things happen.  Case in point.... I often think of someone I haven't seen or heard from in a long time.  (I know this has happened to you too.)  When I was still teaching, I thought of a student I hadn't seen in a long time and two days later, there he was standing in my doorway.  

A while back I was discussing another former student with the artist across the hallway and a few days later there she was, at the Graffiti Gallery opening.  Yesterday, I connected on face book with a former student, Samantha McCauley.  She said she was just talking about me two days before and then there I was making a friend request.   (I hope she doesn't mind.....  the picture is the underpainting to a self-portrait she did in high school.)  

There are many students that I wonder about.  Guess I'll just have to start thinking about them and see what happens. 

I also need to work on applying this mental exercise to my art.  Ah, the power of the positive brain.  (Negative thinking...... get thee behind me.) 

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