Thursday, May 10, 2012


My front studio is basically a jewelry store.  I'm always playing with it and trying to make it more appealing by redecorating it every so often.

A seventh grader stopped in the studio tonight after her dance class.  As she was looking around, she commented that she liked the way I decorated the studio.  She said it looked "welcoming."  (That surprised me, coming from a seventh grader.)  But it was exactly what I wanted my customers to feel.

My latest venture was to add a fountain.  They always sound so soothing and relaxing; just the atmosphere I want to shop in.  I grouped the fountain with a painting my then eight year old grandson had painted and some "water themed" jewelry.

Today when the teenager stopped in I was playing Celtic music.  Earlier I had relaxing spa music on.  That kind of music is a perfect compliment to the sound of trickling water.  But I've been known to play Lady GaGa, Adam Lambert and Kid Rock.  Do you think it will work with the "welcoming feeling?"
I'm not so sure!


Zoe Nelson said...

Aw, go with the rock, Alice! I bet that shows your true nature.

Alice Walkowski said...

You're right Zoe. Rock it is (with a little country mixed in.) Today it was Adam Lambert, Carrie Underwood and Goyte.