Saturday, June 16, 2012

Junk Art Show

Last Saturday was the opening of the "Junk Art Show" in the Graffiti Gallery.   I mentioned that I was making a couple of pieces to enter into the show. (I was out of my comfort zone but Swan is very forceful!)

This past Friday I did one of my stints at Gallery sitting.  We had a few people in but the second shift saw a bigger crowd because of the Indie Fest going on out in the street.  Since I didn't get a chance to take photos of the show during the opening, I used my down time to take a few yesterday.  (Along with sanding my silver charms for the conference..... and a little reading of a romance novel.  Luckily no one came in to see me blushing!)

So..... here are some pictures of the exhibit.  Pictures do not do justice to the works, so stop down on a Friday or Saturday between 11:00-7:00 to see the exhibit.  I believe it's on until July 7th?

"Wrench Bench" by Bill Kapp

"Pure Piano Keys" by Susette Jolley

"Wind Chime" by Bill Kapp

"Prohibiting Bridge" by Swantje-Elke

I'll share my pieces in the next post (which is almost as uncomfortable as sharing them in the exhibit.)

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