Thursday, June 21, 2012

PMC Conference..... day one

Well, we are here...... finally.  The Conference is something I've been anticipating for months.  This is the last conference ever to be sponsored by the PMC Guild.  The guild is shutting down.  They've accomplished what they set out to do and it's time to end it.  What will pop up in it's place is any body's guess but I'm sure there will be something.

But for now it's time to enjoy the conference in all it's glory.

The day started with the Keynote speaker, Ellen Wieske. the assistant director at Haystack School of Crafts.  She had an inspiring presentation which included slides of her work and slides of those who inspire her.  Her work makes use of materials that many of us would throw away.  (Her work would have been perfect for our Junk Art Show.   I'm inspired to start now on next years exhibit.)  I'll be spending several days, googling her and the list of those who she admires.

Afterwards I attended a demonstration by Chris Darway and Terry Kovalcik, better known as "The Jersey Boys."

Chris Darway and Terry Kovalcik

Terry showed us how to use polymer clay and two part silicone mold making material to create forms for draping and shaping the metal.  (Can't wait to get home and try it.)

Chris shared tips on using titanium wire with metal clay.  He shared some ideas on tools that we can make to use in working with small pieces of clay.

Their demos were projected onto a screen behind them.  That's why this appears blue and blurry.

Day one was a success.  More to come.  

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