Thursday, July 5, 2012

Speaking of Backs

One of the first people I traded charms with at the conference was Kim Paige.  (She recognized my charm from my blog...... nice to know that it's being read.)

Kim's charm 

I mention Kim because she was wearing a necklace that had her children on it and I noticed it immediately.  When I went to take a closer look at it (on her neck of course) I saw that the other side was also beautifully designed.  (Why is it we immediately turn the piece over?....... another reason for taking extra care with the opposite side.)  Kim designs and sells under the title "Red Tree Studio."  (I guess that's why the red leaf!) 

Check out her portrait pendants.

A few years back I did a portrait of my granddaughter Olivia.  That was another reason I was extra interested in Kim's necklace.  Her technique allowed for more detail than the photo polymer plate I used.  

Actually after seeing Kim's, I'm embarrassed to even show mine.  In fact I won't.  I'll just show the sweet little picture it was taken from.  This is Olivia Pearl!


Zoe Nelson said...

I missed getting a charm from Kim. I love that leaf!

Kim said...

Thank you Alice! I was so excited to see my leaf charm on your blog I did a little happy dance when I opened my reader this morning. ^.^

Zoe - I'm willing to snail mail trade charms if you want to. I say keep the love going even after the conference. I'll find you on FB...