Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Spirit of Metal

In past conferences there was a set time for the charm exchange.  This year was different.  If we had charms to exchange we were to put a star on our name tags.  (Needless to say, after we looked at people's necklaces..... we looked at their name tag.)

This was a good idea but it had some drawbacks.  First of all it was too easy to make a mistake and get two of the same person's charm.  We were so busy looking at the charms that we didn't really pay that much attention to what the person looked like.  Instead we focused on what they were wearing (and of course each day they had on different clothes..... hence the mix-up. )  (Actually I'm hoping that is the explanation and not that I was having Senior Moments!)

Most of my doubles came from the Guild members from Louisiana, L'esprit du Metal.   They all had this really neat logo on their cards.

I don't mind doubles (now I have earrings.)  Some of the people had more than one choice of charm so some of my doubles are more about having two of the same person's.  

Heather Griffith

Dianne Hoyt  ( I have two different charms from Dianne)

Andi Benefield (got duplicates here.)

Simone Patout Palmer  (duplicates too.)


(I apologize if I've messed up any one's name.)

I too had three different kinds of charms.  They were all the same design but they were either small silver, large bronze or large silver.  And since my photo polymer plate was designed for earrings the design was reversed on half of them.  What are the chances they got a matching pair to make earrings?
I can only hope!

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