Monday, August 6, 2012

"Art Car"

For the past several years the artists of the National Transit Studios have painted on a car for the annual Oil Heritage Festival Parade.  The past two years I have not participated in the painting as the time just didn't coincide with my other activities.

The theme for the car this year was Drums.  Once a month there is a drum circle held at the Transit Building where people can drum to their hearts content and the car was based on that.

For now the car is sitting in the alleyway at the Transit Building and will eventually be towed away to the wrecking ball.

(Since I didn't make it to any of the sessions, I'm not sure who did what on the car but I will make a few assumptions based on the artistic style.)

Crocodile and Lion are the work of John Manders

Notice the knit bombing on the grill and hubcaps.  I imagine this is the work of Corrine Carbaugh.

Other artists that worked on the car (at least I think they did)..... Joann Wheeler (Assemblage artist), Anissa Gage (Poet, painter and drawer) , Maureen James (Stain glass)  and George Cooley (Painter and Installation artist). 

The car was a visual display of art coming up the street. 

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