Sunday, August 5, 2012

Getting your feet wet

Parking in Oil City is at a premium.  For someone who is going to be in the city for more than a couple of hours, the best place to park is down under the bridge by Justus Park.

During the Oil Heritage Festival that parking area was for vendors and the handicapped.  So the next best lot for parking was by the VFW.  (Which required a little longer walk.)

Both parking lots provide walks with a nice view of the river.  The Justus Park lot has a nice shaded walk that follows along the river (and provides me with Gingko leaves for my metal clay.)  It comes out  in an area that is attended by the Master Gardener's club with a nice display of flowers and passes by CV Curl's sculpture of Chief Cornplanter (and some tables set up for chess or checker playing.)

When walking over from the VFW lot I had to walk across the bridge.  Every day I've been noticing  the ducks in the river.  I always thought ducks loved water and I'm sure they do.  But it just seemed strange to see all the ducks standing and sleeping on the rocks.  On my way to the studio they were on the center rocks.  On my way home they had moved to the rocks on the river's edge.  (And they've been doing this everyday since I noticed it.)  

Oh well, at least they're getting their feet wet.

(Can you tell I haven't been in the studio too much lately?  I'll get back to the studio soon and start posting about metal clay again.)

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