Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Garden of Eden

One of the first pieces of jewelry I made from metal clay is what I call "The Garden of Eden."  Here I was working with creating a curved shape and using metal clay in the syringe.  (Using the syringe definitely takes practice.)   I started with no idea in mind (my usual mode of operation) and as I worked the piece reminded me of an apple tree with snakes around it, hence the title.  As stated in the last post, this is the only kind of snake I want to see.

But unfortunately, every few years I get to have a "snake episode."  My second encounter came when I went out to the car to go grocery shopping (damn we go through food.)  It was dark out and the garage light made me aware of a large, very jagged crack in the floor of the garage.  I hadn't ever noticed that crack before but thought nothing of it until I found I had the wrong car keys and had to go back into the house.  That's when I saw the crack MOVE and realized it wasn't a crack at all but a very agitated (very long) black snake.

Seeing as how my husband had a six foot boa constrictor in his classroom I thought he would be the man to call.  Obviously he only feels comfortable if he personally knows the snake.  His solution was to take a 2x4 and try to push the snake out of the way.  We found out that snakes don't like 2x4's as he raised up and kept trying to strike out at us.  (I'm getting chills just thinking about it.)   He did manage to get him out into the driveway but he just wouldn't leave.  My husband's next brilliant idea was for me to get in the car and back out.   "That ought to get him to leave."

Have you ever run over an already dead snake and have visions of it getting caught under your car?  I have (several times.)  If I think a dead snake can come up through the floor boards of the car, what would a live one do?  (Why didn't I refuse and have my husband back the car out?)  Anyway, I did it and lived to tell about it.  The snake did leave.  I don't know where he went and I don't care.

I'm just praying there isn't an episode three (although the Boa story could pass for number three.)  If there is indeed a snake living in the ceiling of my garage.........  I thank you all ahead of time for taking time to read my blog because I won't be making any more posts.  It's too hard to type when someone is  frozen in terror.

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