Sunday, August 26, 2012

What do you do?

After an afternoon of working (reworking and reworking again) with metal clay I sometimes get just plain lazy.

When I'm down to the end of a package (or in the case of Hadar's clay..... a mixed up batch) of metal clay, I don't want to wrap it up and save it or open a new package and combine it.   So..... I make earrings that don't have any excess clay to deal with.

I roll the clay into a tight ball, flatten it a little and roll it out into an oval.  Cut it in half lengthwise, file the two pieces to match and drill holes.  Instant earrings..... no left over clay.

They are simple and one of my favorite earrings to wear.  What do you do?

Bronze clay in the greenware (dried and unfired) state

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Zoe Nelson said...

Great idea! I'll have to try that. If I have a tiny bit of clay left I usually make little balls and dry them. Then I can add them to future pieces.