Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Major damage

Last Sunday I went to the Bead Show in Pittsburgh and did "Major Damage" to my wallet.  I've only been to one other bead show and that was several years back so I went overboard.

Some people have the knack of looking at all those beads and "see" what they want to make.  I have to buy things, hang onto them for awhile, mull them over and then (maybe) figure out how I want to use them.  I can't count the number of times I've changed my plans for a particular stone or strand of beads.

The photos are only a small example of the "stash" I came home with.

The main thing I was looking for at the show was some small stones to use for the two silver backs that were too small for my latest foray into bezel setting.  I posted about it a few posts back.  S and S Lapidary was located right inside the door and that's all she wrote.  Most of my time and most of my money was spent at their booth.

I did buy a few things at some other booths (but not much.)  Besides the stones I got some copper and bronze chains,  some finished necklace chains and of course some beads.

You would think that would hold me over wouldn't you?  But, no....... Thursday I'm off again to check out Bead Paradise in Oberlin, Ohio.  Question is...... can I control myself?  (Will let you know.)

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