Monday, October 29, 2012

I hate my neck!

I Feel Bad About My Neck  is a book by Nora Ephron.  I've never read it but I saw her promoting it on TV back in 2006.

Now this post is not about this book.  It really is about making jewelry (well at least wearing jewelry.)  I'm getting to that age where my neck is the first thing to give away my age (at least I think it is!)  But that's not what's bothering me.  I'm okay with getting older.

What bothers me is that I have a very touchy neck.  In other words I have a bad gag reflex (doesn't that sound appealing.)  I've always had it, but now that I'm making jewelry I would like to wear what I make.  (Good advertising.)

Sixteen and eighteen inch length chains make me gag.  Oh, I can wear them for awhile...... then all the sudden I need to get them off, NOW!

Many of my pieces look great when worn with a turtleneck.  Yeah, right..... as if I can wear those.  One of my clients/students purchased three of my nicer pieces.  She wears them with turtlenecks and it really sets them off.  In fact I see them and think..... I made that?  Somehow they look different.

Guess that's why I wear earrings, rings and bracelets.  Cause "I hate my neck!"


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. Sigh. (And, fyi, I have read Nora Ephron's book.)

I wear turtleneck tops only rarely: never have liked wearing them myself. But I do like big, loose, floppy "cowl" necklines that drape down in front. And I like to wear pendants on really long chains / cords / bead strands that dangle down below those. I first learned to bead, in fact, so I could make strands the length I wanted.

Have you ever considered trying "opera length" pieces?

Alice Walkowski said...

Cowl necklines are good but do require longer necklaces. For some reason the focal pieces I design usually lend themselves to shorter necklaces. I guess I'll have to be conscious of that when I'm designing the piece.

Anonymous said...

And ... be open to listening to any pieces that tell you they'd be happy to made such that they could be worn that way. (Sorry, but some opportunities are just too good to pass up!)